• Joshua Napier

    Joshua Napier

  • Liz H

    Liz H

    Writer | Copywriter | Drinker of far too much coffee | Writes about life tips, mindset and everything in between. www.copybyholt.com.au

  • Devi Kirn Being

    Devi Kirn Being

  • Vadik Zinkov

    Vadik Zinkov

  • Andrew Shepherd

    Andrew Shepherd

    Filmmaker, writer, edutainer. Graduated from USC film school, founding member of Mind-University and President of Converging Perspectives.

  • Susan Melnikow

    Susan Melnikow

  • Shannon Burton

    Shannon Burton

    Queer, nonbinary, polyamorous sex educator. Snag a free sexual communication activity book at sexcoachshannon.com/free-gift

  • Moondraagon


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